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Name Capacity Event Frequency Type Stage SoundSpecs
WISE Hall250RegularlyMulti-Purpose / HallYesYes full specs
Guilt & Co.110FrequentlyBar / NightclubYesYes full specs
Pandora's Box Rehearsal Studios65UnknownMulti-Purpose / HallYesYes full specs
Pat's Pub245RegularlyPubYesYes full specs
PNE ForumUnknownunknown?Yes full specs
Charqui Grill100OccasionallyRestaurantYesYes full specs
The Gold Saucer RegularlyIrregular Venue?? full specs
The LidoRegularlyBar / NightclubYesYes full specs
Celtic Traditions40UnknownIrregular VenueYesno full specs
The Western Front140UnknownMulti-Purpose / Hall?? full specs
Rotary May Day ParadeRegularlyunknown?? full specs
The Reef (Vancouver)80RegularlyRestaurant?? full specs
Scotiabank Dance Centre200RegularlyTheatreYesYes full specs
Spartacus Books50OccasionallyIrregular Venuenono full specs
Cafe deux Soleils98RegularlyRestaurantYesYes full specs
Ouisi Bistro75RegularlyRestaurantnono full specs
The Astoria 220OccasionallyPubYesYes full specs
Centennial Theatre658FrequentlyTheatreYesYes full specs
Gateway Theatre541RegularlyTheatreYesYes full specs
The Vogue Theatre1250RegularlyTheatreYesYes full specs