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Melanie Dekker - Give My Heart A Home

White Rock, BC, Canada; Live Concert with guitarist David Sinclair at Blue Frog Studios. 2013
THE MOST downloaded song from the DISTANT STAR cd.

GIVE MY HEART A HOME - Melanie Dekker

So you drove through the night to surprise me
And our hands locked as our feet swayed from the dock
Then we fooled around until the sun came up

Next you wrote me letters beautifully revealing
Patiently waiting while you've gone out on wing
You just knocked me over now I'm like a statue
'Cause you said I might fall in love with you

Deeper than I know how to dive into
I've fallen in love with you too
I can't see the bottom just the unknown
And I'm not very good at this letting go
If I say these words just so
Will you give my heart a home

Give my heart a home
Give my heart a home

Singing songs we love as we stare into the fire
It's so warm I forget the road for a while
I'm flirting I like to be on stage in front of you
It scares me just a little but it's the perfect view

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Posted: Jan. 1, 2019