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Longwalkshortdock 20min MADNESS - Astral Harvest 2012 [HD]

This last weekend over 1000 awesome people gathered in northern Alberta for Astral Harvest Music Festival, and for many, the whole thing was just bookends for one monster set on Saturday night - LONGWALKSHORTDOCK. Here's almost 20 unedited minutes of LWSD's musical genius & madness, amidst the amazing stage design by the Astral Harvest & Deliria crews!

I wasn't initially planning to film all this, so I was right in the middle of the dance floor - my apologies for the unsteady cam sometimes as I was bustled & bumpled by my fellow enthusiastic dancers. I also notice that the LongWalk's mega-strobes seem to overwhelm my camera a bit - I'll explore that for future big shows like this one.

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Posted: Apr. 7, 2015