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Far From Home #31 : Nü Sensae "Eat Your Mind"

Vancouver thrashers Nü Sensae sweat it out in the boiler room of an old repurposed church in NE Portland and absolutely blow our minds playing "Eat Your Mind".

Directed by Chris Cantino • Edited by Lymay Iwasaki • Camera by Chris Cantino, Gary Tyler, Lymay Iwasaki, Mike Elliott, and Andrew Barrick • Audio mix by Andrew Grosse • Audio engineering by Andrew Grosse
Categories: Live Footage
In this Video Artist(s) Nu Sensae

Video Credits

Directed by: Chris Cantino
Edited by: Lymay Iwasaki
Filmed by: Chris Cantino
Filmed by: Gary Tyler
Filmed by: Lymay Iwasaki
Filmed by: Mike Elliott
Posted: Jun. 26, 2014
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