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The End Tree - "Fingers"

"Fingers" music video fo The End Tree
Produced by RKNW
Autumn 2012
Song by Elliot Vaughan

Viola, voice - Elliot Vaughan
Guitar, voice - Martin Reisle
Violin, voice - Aiden Brant Briscall

This room is a gallery of people good with their fingers:
Players of mandolins,
Makers of watches,
Painters of eggs and other things,
Folders of origami birds.
This room is an abattoir for those who used to be singers
Tied up and blinded,
Spit on and starved,
Covered in black mosquito clothes,
Left to decay right where they are.
Categories: Music Video
In this Video Artist(s) The End Tree
Posted: Sep. 5, 2017