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Aegaeon - "Neural Union" (Official Music Video)

The official music video for "Neural Union" (07/2013 single). Get it on iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, and similar sites.

Video directed and produced by Scott Hansen.

Audio recording/mix/master by MiAH at the Sound Lair in Knoxville, TN.

Aegaeon is:
Julian Kersey, Sebastian Brown, Jerry Grannan, Nick Scott and Anthony Barone.

Official Neural Union merchandise:

Vast body flows within the motion of itself,
Vibrations glow as rain in my mind,
This function is pure,
No philosophy rules this body,
Vast networks of pure connection are everywhere,
They became it,
It radiates harmoniously,
If we live as our home our home can live as we,
Can the mind fuse with the body?
This planet is alive,
Whole and done...Undivided,
Redefining what is real,
What does it mean to be?
What does it mean?
The ability to see,
To experience this entity in motion,
Redefining what is real...A place I've never been,
Can the mind fuse with the body?
Can the body fuse with the planet?
Harmonious to greatness,
Live as one to find something deeper,
This entity is breathing awareness in sound silence,
A vast landscape of my mind existing transcendentally,
What does it mean to be? What does it mean to be to me?
Am I even free?
This idea is poison to a small mind.
Live as one to find something deeper,
This planet is alive and free.
Liberation in connectivity.

Visual sequences at 0:00, 4:02, 5:57, 7:24 by Norman Leto.
*Composed by Jerry Grannan.
*Guitar solo at 5:27 by Sebastian Brown.
*Drums collab. by Anthony Barone.
*Bass at 3:56 by Nick Scott.
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Posted: Jun. 7, 2014