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David Foster, Mr Mister, Wierd Al Yankovic GOOD ROCKIN TONITE in LA

GOOD ROCKIN' TONITE visited composer/performer/producer David Foster at home in Los Angeles in 1984 with his guests Richard Page of Grammy Award winning group Mr. Mister and Weird Al Yankovic. Mr Mister were riding high with their first 2 singles "Broken Wings" and "Kyrie" and their 2nd album "Welcome to the Real World" topping North American charts. Weird Al is best known for his songs and videos parodying hit songs and videos by contemporary acts such as Michael Jackson, Madonna, Queen and Nirvana. David Foster has won 16 Grammy Awards and is best known for having produced records for the most successful musical artists in the world from Barbra Streisand, Michael Jackson, Andrea Bocelli, Whitney Houston and the Bee Gees to Beyonce, Whitney Houston, Chicago, Earth Wind & Fire. and Michael Buble. Born in Victoria, British Columbia, David also hosted GRT on Terry David Mulligan's departure. For more st40tv interview & music items, click on:
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Posted: Jan. 21, 2017