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Seeds Of Time - My Hometown

Sunshyne & Seeds of Time. Prism was the brainchild of musician-producer Bruce Fairbairn and comprised members from two local Vancouver bands, Sunshyne and Seeds of Time. Fairbairn was originally a trumpet player in Sunshyne, a jazz-rock band, in the early 70s. Around 1974, the band switched their format to a blues-rock by recruiting guitarist Lindsay Mitchell from Seeds of Time as their frontman. Fairbairn then decided to pursue a recording contract for the band. After a year of trying he was unsuccessful and in mid-1975, he approached former Sunshyne member Jim Vallance for help in reworking the demos. Some changes were made. First, Vallance helped with new arrangements on two of Mitchell's songs and also began contributing some of his own at Fairbairn's request. Ron Tabak was recruited to replace Mitchell on lead vocals while Mitchell remained as the guitarist and alternate songwriter. A set of five demo songs, two by Mitchell and three by Vallance, were then recorded and sent to record labels across Canada. An executive at GRT liked one of Vallance's songs, "Open Soul Surgery", and offered Fairbairn's project a recording contract in 1976. The Seeds of Time did have 2 songs in the Canadian Top 100 (RPM Magazine) in 1971. 'My Home Town' reached #76 and 'Crying the Blues' reached #90.

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Posted: Nov. 30, 2016