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Spirit - Soul For Sale - Acoustic Guitar Looping New Canadian Performer


Soul For Sale (lyrics)

She used to walk on down the road
and didn't care where she was goin'.
And she remembers everything,
but now she listens to the wind. She said, "I know you're with me in spirit. It's no surprise the way things are. The world keeps spinnin' round and round" She said, "I don't miss you anymore."

Her soul is for sale (x2) (solo)

"If the candle that burns
is coming to an end,
And would you be the one
to see it through with the letters that you send? (ooh)
Is it all in how things are? Or the truth about the way they're gonna be?
(Oh) Many days and many nights, All the times you're gonna see" - (Chorus x2)

Bridge: She said, "I don't have the time....." She said, "I just need some space....." She said, "I'm runnin thin.... and you can see it in my face...."
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The Music, The Video, and Live Looping

Acoustic live looping is a process that involves repeated recorded sections of a live performance, creating "loops" or "layers", which in turn are stacked onto one another to complete a performed piece using a combination of foot-switches. During the live- creation process, in essence, one must have a decent knowledge of rhythm by having a solid meter, knowledge of guitar, bass, or other specific instruments intended to be used. The floorboard and pedals that are displayed in this video were created with the context of standing comfortably at a microphone, while being able to feel the location (with either foot) of a specific pedal or button. All the organic sounds of drums, percussion, acoustic rhythm guitar, acoustic lead guitar, and background vocals were created (and "looped") with a "SpiritCool" acoustic guitar. Switches include an octave pedal, volume pedal, loop station, and an "A-B" switch to allow the use of separate microphone inputs (IE: Lead + Background Vocals).
Specifically, this acoustic live looping video "Soul For Sale" was recorded and produced on location at the SpiritCool Entertainment Studio, using various angles to capture a simultaneous consecutive view of action. Key "pop-up" screens assist to define important live looping additions, with three handheld cams, four stationary cams, and two dolly cams, and one fantastic crew!

Dedicated to the memory of Kim Baskerville

Acknowledgements to:
Sound Design: "J"
Sound Assistants: Bryan, Sean
Lead Video Production: "M"
Video Assistants: 1st -- Randall, 2nds -- Jackie, Paul, Anna
Music produced by Spirit and "J"
Video conceived and produced by Spirit, "M" and "J"
Music and Lyrics written by Spirit Cool ©2012
Management: Steve R. at [email protected]
Spiritcool Entertainment ©2012
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To those who have lost friends or family:

The words tell a story of someone who passes into the afterlife, whatever that generally looks like - to a person's beliefs - in regards to persons energy after they are gone. I've known many people who have passed on, but one girl in particular who passed away in August of 2011. She was a musician -- a fantastic singer - her charisma and energy on stage was amazing. I had the wonderful opportunity to perform with her on stage a few times in the late 1990's, however; no-one knew that she suffered depression, which she kept to herself for the most part, with the result of taking her own life. It was an Honor to perform with her. This song is for her.
For Kim, wherever you are...

If you think you suffer depression, please contact an authority on the subject. To me, you are a valuable asset to Humanity. Thank you for watching and reading!

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Posted: Oct. 17, 2014