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Bring on the Playtime (EP 2016)

From the office to the sandy beach..Caracas brings on the playtime!

Video directed by Shaun Walford of Shot by a Ninja , with slow motion shots by Gabriel Medina.

"Bring on the Playtime" produced and recorded by Dylan Ellis.

With the kind collaboration of Brahm's Tams Drum Circle + Goodyear Ultimate Source Automotive Inc. + The Laughing Bean Coffee Co. + Johnstone Boilers & Tank

Stay tuned for Caracas upcoming EP "Bring on the Playtime" in the Spring of 2016!

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Categories: Music Video
In this Video Artist(s) Caracas Resource(s): Laughing Bean Coffee Co., Goodyear Ultimate Source Automotive Inc., Johnstone Boilers Ltd, Brahm Tahmm's drum circle on third beach

Video Credits

Directed by: Shaun Walford
Filmed by: Gabriel Medina
Posted: Apr. 25, 2016