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Lulu, Collectors, Poppy Family, My Indole Ring, Papa Bear's Medicine Show WHERE IT'S AT Pt 1 -.mp4

"WHERE IT'S AT" Pt 1 featured 4 Vancouver bands from the 1960s - The Collectors, The Poppy Family, My Indole Ring and Papa Bear's Medicine Show, all introduced by British recording star Lulu ("To Sir With Love"). The Collectors with Howie Vickers (lead vocals), Bill Henderson (lead guitar/ later lead with Chilliwack), Claire Lawrence (sax), Glenn Miller (bass), Ross Turney (drums) with a sound described as New Vibrations, performed "Lydia Purple." The Poppy Family with Terry (guitar) & Susan Jacks (lead vocals), Craig McCaw (sitar) and Satwant Singh (tablas), performed raga rock with "Beyond the Clouds." My Indole Ring with John King (lead vocals) were a psych or acid rock band. Their songs were "Wake Me, Shake Me"/"Orange Float Petals." Finally Papa Bear's Medicine Band with Vic Stewart (lead vocals) played goodtime music and their song "Georgie." Craig Wood was Papa Bear. The CBC national pop music series "Let's Go" ended in June 1968 followed by a CBC Vancouver Special "Where It's At" featured each well known band performing a different type of music from the pop music field. A series of the same name followed and lasted till June 1969.
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Posted: Jun. 3, 2020