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Both LET'S GO (1964) & WHERE IT'S AT Vancouver debuts.Pt 1. mp4

"LET'S GO" and "WHERE IT'S AT" were basically the same CBC Television series featuring local Canadian talent from 1964 till 1969, originating from 5 different cities across Canada: Vancouver, Winnipeg, Toronto, Montreal & Halifax, and the half hour shows were telecast weekdays at 5:30pm. It was an ideal time for kids waiting for their dinners. This is therefore for the moms, dads and grandparents who were those Canadian kids in the 1960s. Vancouver's Music Hop show (titled Let's Go in Vancouver) debuted on July 17 1964 with hosts Fred Latremouille and Randi Conlin and featuring music from the house band, the Classics, featuring vocalist Howie Vickers and guest Gillian Russell. Then with the advent of the Beatles, bands were in and soloists took a backseat, and the show's title was changed to the more hip Where It's At and featured local bands, Fred Latremouille was back as host when the Vancouver show debuted in September 1968 and featured The Wiggy Symphony (extremely popular favourites on Let's Go judging by fan mail) and a first appearance by 5 Man Cargo from Hong Kong, manager Bruce Allen's first signing. Bruce has since managed Bryan Adams, Loverboy, Bachman Turner Overdrive, Anne Murray, Michael Buble.and many others. Now turn to Part 2 of the LET'S GO / WHERE ITS AT story. For similar items, check out ST40TV at
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Posted: May. 30, 2020