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The Original Paranoids

from Vancouver BC
Available for Shows/Gigs - Confirmed: Feb. 15, 2020
The Original Paranoids began in the early 2000's featuring Milky White Robbson and Hermit performing covers of Black Sabbath and unique original material. In interviews, each member offers a differing opinion on the bands first show.
Hermit recalled the first show in a 'Under the Red light, on a couch' session of a Bowensville Community College newspaper, citing "It was a small show. The room was... small. Tiny. We had two people in the crowd. We had broken up about twelve times earlier in the day over the name of the band. We were "Chocolate Town Double Kick Drums", then we were "Pumping Love Station Number Nine". There was a lot of conflict leading up to the show. Milky was being a fucking goof. I was pretty out of it, high on... collectibles. We needed something good. A good name. We bounced around a bunch of names, but they were all too... STRAIGHT! Too... out there. So, we just called ourselves The Paranoids."
Milky White Robbson told a different story in a radio interview that was cut short due to lack of interest on the
'Pops Rarities and Stuff Show' on CTLAS 660AM out of Rockensberg, Oregon. "Oh baby, it was a hot summer
day, and they needed a jam, baby. We was at a garage sale and they were like 'oh god, we need some jams', so,
we pumped them full of covers. We played 'Don't walk away Eileen' 27 times in a row. It was the best
garage sale in town, baby."
Regardless of the date of the official first show, The Paranoids were born. Unrecorded songs such as 'Peanut
butter and jelly/Wash my body' blasted from high school house parties and music halls over the next few years.
Both members confirm constant band breakups during this time for many reasons. But, eventually, a track by
the name of 'Thor' made it to the ears at MTDS Records. The label owner, Jacob Ghostfingers, invited the band
to perform at an event to showcase the upcoming talent in the area. The band arrived late, inebriated, unkept,
and missing many strings to their guitars. While the crowd was shocked and appalled at the performance, there was something about the band that Jacob Ghostfingers loved. The band was signed to a multi album deal, a decision which was a death blow to the future of the label.The duo was in need of one more ingredient before it could blow up. This was about the time they came across a man who would only be known as 'El Mystique'. No story has been told of the exact origin of El Mystique, but with his addition, the band had the edge it needed to head into the studio to begin recording it's debut album.
Over the next few years and at multiple recording studios, the newly renamed band 'The Original Paranoids' began recording a mountain of material along with beginning what was to be called the "basement tour", having shows in peoples home basements. The band came into the studio of producer known as Jahman (Johann Qi Wang II). This was Jahman's first and only venture into producing music. It was by assistants and label staff that the band had recorded hundreds of tracks during this time, although most tracks were destroyed due to poor quality, humour, and/or extreme offensive content. The plans for release were placed on the back burner by label staff as the owner, Jacob Ghostfingers, disappeared. The band began a feud with the label in attempts to get the material released, but were unsuccessful. Just when all hope seemed to be lost, the label announced the release of a collection of songs from the band entitled 'Some Hits'. The band had already begun to distance itself from MTDS Records, at this time, so the announcement was met with resistance from the band. A small tour was planned and carried out by the band but during the tour, the band broke up, with Hermit having vanished, randomly. At first, the news was thought to be a publicity stunt, but after a lengthly tour postponement, it was announced that The Original Paranoids were on "indefinite hiatus".
In January 2020, the band re-emerged with "T.O.P. EP", with no label backing.
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Current Lineup

Milky White RobbsonGuitar / vocals
El Mystique
Status: Available for Shows/Gigs
- Last confirmed Feb. 15, 2020