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Event Archive - Doug Koyama, Aaron Goodwin & the Orchard, The Movie

Fri. April 15th 2016 @  Skinny Fat Jack's (No Minors)
9 pm - 12 doors at 8 pm
By Donation
Please join us as we launch our Movin' & Groovin' Western Canada Spring Tour 2016. If you have never been, or even if you have, you will enjoy the intimacy of Skinny Fat Jack's. It's a beautiful little room with just enough room for everyone.

We will be passing the hat, suggested contribution $5-10

Doug Koyama

With a voice as big as all outdoors and some looping technology Doug Koyama builds sonic sound-scapes that range from perfectly simple to devilishly complex and everything in between.

“Improvised A Capella is the art of getting out of the way of the music that naturally wants to come from you. All you need to remember is take a breath, make a sound, keep going.”

Improvised A Capella with a loop pedal is the most compelling thing you’ve never heard before. Rich vocals are looped in limitless layers of interlocking patterns where poly-rhythm and discordance dance on impossible aural landscapes. Invented language introduces the idea of storytelling without the encumbrance of words, the whole thing melts into an experience that will leave you breathless.

Doug spends his summers travelling the highways of BC performing at music festivals, with more than forty festival appearances since 2010. The summer of 2016 promises to be the busiest yet.

“I believe that music is in us when we are born and that the details of life slowly suppress it as we grow.” Doug says, adding, “When we reconnect with that internal symphony we reawaken ideas of self, connection and joy.”

“Doug Koyama is one of the most eye-catching figures in local music. He has an unforgettable broad smile. He is often sporting a cascading beard and heavy dose of stormy hair. He has diamonds for eyes that aren't afraid to look at you. He has broad shoulders and a stout build. And from somewhere inside him, seemingly from an inner layer of humanity, out comes a voice so thick and creamy you'd guess it was dipped in blackberry porter before each word is spoken.”

–Frank Peebles, The Prince George Citizen

“STRANGE THINGS HAPPEN when Douglas Koyama opens his mouth. Sounds spring forth and combine into rhythmic phrases, then stack into layered constructions. It might seem like magic, unless you know that he's using a digital looper to create his improvised excursions, and even then it's still quite beguiling, a gentle and melodic take on an avant-garde technique that has its roots in Steve Reich and Terry Riley's experiments of the 1960s.”

–Alexander Varty, The Georgia Straight

“When Doug Koyama enters a room you know it! His boundless energy, his warmth and enthusiasm are quickly evident. And then his music. Doug weaves sound with his voice and some looping technology. The music is mesmerizing, hypnotic and joyful all at once. He has a passion for singing and getting others to sing along.”

–Cheryl MacKay, CBC North by Northwest

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Aaron Goodwin

"I learned to play music on the street, fighting to be heard above the sounds of the city and tempering my playing on the rough edges of drunk and disorderlies. This gave me a powerful voice that cuts through the mists of any barroom and backstreet. Taking this raw sound to the stage proved to be a long journey."

This was followed by a deeper exploration and introduction into Accordion, mandolin, banjo and dulcimer adding to Aaron's repertoire . These new tools were used diligently on the 2011 "One of Them" album written and recorded by Aaron. followed by "Gin Rummy" in 2013 and "Russian Fairytales" in 2014 .

In 2015 Aaron moved to Victoria to work with Micheal Fluery to bring a full force of banjo, didgeridoo and percussion to the mix and presently working on the new Album "Nine Lives" to be released April 15th 2016 .

After recording his first album in "Draw a Line" done in Penticton in 2004 Aaron Goodwin was noted for his rich brave vocals and pure acoustic sound performed strictly on dobro, slide and harmonica . Bringing an acoustic act to many stages that was utilizing the traditional blues-grass approach to playing and re-amplification .

These techniques required a different approach to playing acoustic guitar that many sound men and performers were unaccustomed too at that time. This lead to a doing sound and recording other local acts . In 2006 Aaron recorded a live album for Shane Koyczan "The crickets have Arthritis " and performed on the Album. Then playing in Shane Koyczan and the Short Story Long and recording "Pretty Decent Cape in my Closet" with a guest appearance from Dan Mangan .

After a few years Aaron moved on write and record "Circle of Stones". An interactive storytelling and musical project that mixes live art into the performance created by the audience.

"Ever met someone who cared more about the project than they did about the credit, or the pay, or the commitment of personal time? Likely not. Those kinds of artists are few and far between. Imbue any of those artist like that with natural talent and you may have just discovered a unicorn... or Aaron Goodwin. A selfless and committed force for the arts... seek him out."
-Shane Koyczan

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The Movie

The Movie is a conceptual group that we have created for this tour. It will feature the three of us making songs based in constructs that we have developed for this purpose. Different combinations of instruments and musical styles will mean an endless number of possible combinations which will lead to moments of pure musical magic.



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