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Event Archive - Shooting Guns, Fury Things, The Silver Skeleton Band

Sun. June 23rd 2013 The Cobalt (No Minors)
Presented by: A.R.P.
Shooting Guns


Fury Things


The Silver Skeleton Band


Recently recognized on the Polaris Music Prize Long List, Shooting Guns are hard at work fortifying the heavy end of the psychedelic spectrum. Hailing from the subarctic wasteland of Saskatoon, SK, they haunt the foggy moor between Sabbath-styled doom riffery (Electric Wizard, Sleep) and heavy pulse-riding kraut-rock (Neu!, Circle, Wooden Shjips). Centered around elephantine riffs, these delay-soaked songs rumble and hiss with analog synth-conjured monstrosities which surge to devour frequency ranges beyond the upper and lower ranges available to even the heaviest doom outfits.

The keystone of the Shooting Guns wall of sound is a savant sculpture of shifting timbres in wailing, layered delay. The sonic decadence is restrained only by structurally minimalist compositions ever driven by savage drumming and finely distilled, groove-locked bass. Dedicated, heavy, and simple hooks work to bring psychedelic rock music down to earth, dragged away from the breathless mountaintops of prog and down toward the fertile swamps of primordial heaviness. Hypnotic patterns evolve over time in mutating timbres and subtly shifted grooves, but the core of the songs remain dead simple, and the spinal cords of the audience nod in accordance.

This pentacle of demon conjurers formed in 2008, a band of veteran collaborators in Saskatoon's prolific music scene, each with over a decade of touring and music production experience. In addition to their debut eight-song full-length album, Born To Deal in Magic: 1952-1976, the band released two split 7”s in 2012 (with Nottingham UK’s The Cult of Dom Keller and Edmonton’s Krang) with their follow-up full length LP / national Canadian tour planned for 2013. Having played alongside Bison B.C., Mares of Thrace, Quest for Fire, The Pack A.D., Lavagoat, and Black Mastiff, as well as showcasing at the Halifax Pop Explosion and Sled Island Music Festival, the band is pleasantly surprised to find that their spectacle is rapidly attracting a cult of barbarian metal-heads, indie hipsters, Neanderthals, and nerds.


Fury Things is the result of three headstrong musicians and a practice space in an abandoned acrylic fabrication plant. With a love of 90s alternative rock, fuzz pedals, strange tunings and amplifiers turned to ten, they began making music in August of 2012. The music hearkens to the noisy, chest punch of Dinosaur Jr., Sonic Youth and the hooks of Foo Fighters and Superchunk, while straying sometimes into pop and surf territory. It's always loud and it's always fun. With Kyle Werstein on guitar and vocals, Devon Bryant on bass and Andrew Carson on drums, the trio found much common ground in the music they listen to, and their mutual love for volume and melody shines through in their songs. Together they have released two EPs and are planning shows in and outside of their native Minneapolis, Minnesota.


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