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Friday Apr. 3rd 2015

grind/death show: Tenchu, Sickener, Scum Human, Acidic DeathALF House (All Ages) event page

Saturday Mar. 8th 2014

NERVOSAS, Flagpolers, INFIDEL, CAKE FACEALF House (All Ages) event page

Saturday Feb. 22nd 2014

Bumflap, lunch lady, 30XX, Subsist, Waste Away, NEWTALF House (All Ages) 8PM more info

Friday Jun. 29th 2012

THE FIGHT UNITED, Trade Your Children, Measureless, SelfistALF House (All Ages) $5 9 - 12 doors at 9 event page

Saturday Sep. 17th 2011

VERRATERISCH , Mauser, unlearn, ConfessionsALF House (All Ages) $5 1:00 afternoon show - 4:00 more info

Sunday Aug. 21st 2011

Contagium, Caulfield, unlearn, INFECT PROPAGANDAALF House (All Ages) $5 9 event page

Sunday Jul. 10th 2011

Lightnin' Round, DogJaw, Woolworm, Siren SongsALF House (All Ages) $5 event page

Saturday May. 7th 2011

Osk, White Lung, unlearnALF House (All Ages) event page

Friday Mar. 18th 2011

GSTS, Rags to Radio, Oh no! Yoko, Hospital BlondeALF House (All Ages) Presented by: nobody but us! more info

Saturday Mar. 12th 2011

Confessions, unlearn, HARI LEGS, Silk CharadeALF House (All Ages) $5 event page

Sunday Feb. 27th 2011

FROM THE DEPTHS, Plague Mass , AHNA, fuck no!, Sick CharadeALF House (All Ages) $7
$7 for the bands!
event page

Friday Feb. 25th 2011

Dove Asylum, unlearn, wild cravings, ObachaALF House (All Ages) event page

Friday Dec. 17th 2010

citizen grade, Tempest, Lush Veg, Forced LaughALF House (All Ages) event page

Saturday Nov. 27th 2010

ALL AGES PUNK SHOW: NEGATIVE STANARDS , RAW NERVES , Burning Ghats, Forced LaughALF House (All Ages) $5
at the door only.
7pm - 930pm doors at 8pm Presented by: West Coast Skies Productions Presents...
event page

Saturday Sep. 18th 2010

Bellicose Minds, unlearn, ContagiumALF House (All Ages) $5 - 5 more info

Wednesday Aug. 18th 2010

at the door only.
7pm - 12am doors at 7pm Presented by: Charged//Distorted
event page

Sunday Jul. 25th 2010

HARI LEGS, Impossible Babes, Nu SensaeALF House (All Ages) 6:00 more info

Friday May. 21st 2010

Young Oppression, R.O.C., Genetic Defect, Genetic Decay , Shooting SpreeALF House (All Ages) $5 9 - 12 doors at 8 event page

Friday Apr. 23rd 2010

Dente na Mente , Hitler's Cock, Hari-legsALF House (All Ages) more info

Wednesday Apr. 21st 2010

Young Oppression, Genetic Defect, Genetic Decay , Shooting Spree, R.O.C.ALF House (All Ages)
event page

Tuesday Mar. 16th 2010

Wake, Unfun, unlearn, StrugglersALF House (All Ages) event page

Saturday Mar. 6th 2010

B-Lines, Grown-Ups, Healthy Students, Ex-FriendsALF House (All Ages) event page

Saturday Feb. 6th 2010

Salted City, Arctic Flowers, unlearn, spectres, InfamyALF House (All Ages) event page

Thursday Oct. 29th 2009

TYVEK, Nu Sensae, B-LinesALF House (All Ages) event page

Thursday Aug. 13th 2009

Seasick, Tempest, Bat CountryALF House (All Ages)
more info

Friday Jul. 31st 2009

Mutating Meltdown, +friendsALF House (All Ages) event page

Saturday Jul. 25th 2009

Vacant State, Tempest, dichotomyALF House (All Ages) $5 more info

Wednesday Jul. 8th 2009

DCOI! , Circles, Point Break , Vacant State, STARING PROBLEMALF House (All Ages) $5 7.30 pm - 12.00 am doors at 7 pm more info

Tuesday Jul. 7th 2009

BARN BURNER, JAWS, 99 Problems, UnfunALF House (All Ages) 6 or 7? event page

Friday Jun. 12th 2009

SHOW CANCELLED GO TO THE COBALT INSTEAD: dichotomy, Mutiny- Victoria, Leper, SHOW IS CANCELLEDALF House (All Ages)
event page

Tuesday Dec. 9th 2008

dichotomy, War Hero, Nu Sensae, 99 ProblemsALF House (All Ages) event page

Saturday Oct. 11th 2008

stamina mantis, citizen gradeALF House (All Ages) event page

Wednesday Aug. 20th 2008

germ attack , spectres, Funeral Circle, dichotomyALF House (All Ages) $5 8pm event page

Friday Jul. 4th 2008

BANDS & VENUE MAY HAVE CHANGED - Monstrous punk rock onslaught!!!: ANS, The Unwanted, Mass Grave, China CreepsALF House (All Ages) $10 9 - 1 doors at 8 Presented by: Charged//Distorted, GOAT event page

Sunday Apr. 20th 2008

Tempest, China Creeps, MUDLARK, War HeroALF House (All Ages) $5 8pm event page

Friday Dec. 7th 2007

Resist the Right, Nu Sensae, spectres, War Hero, DrugsALF House (All Ages) event page

Friday Nov. 9th 2007

MARGARET THRASHER, War Hero, Drugs, Bison, COBRAALF House (All Ages) event page

Monday Sep. 24th 2007

Saturday Sep. 8th 2007

Friday Aug. 24th 2007

Day 1 of VagrantsOnParade / Rotten Fiends Duel shows!: Vagrants On Parade, RottenFiends, The Hycoprits, Resist the RightALF House (All Ages) 7:30 Presented by: MONDAY NIGHT KHAOS event page