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This tool showcases videos of artists, and resources in, or visiting our community, and credits the people creating them in a locally based, publicly available manner.

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Soulscar at the Brickyard, includes Death Symbolic cover
In this Video Artist(s) Soulscar Resource(s): The Brickyard
Posted: Jun. 13, 2014
Rockhead Oslo Spectrum Norway 1993 MASTER
In this Video Artist(s) Bob Rock, Rockhead
Posted: May. 12, 2016
Filmed: Apr. 19, 1993
Goin Downtown - Karroll Brothers
In this Video Artist(s) Karroll Brothers
Posted: Jun. 2, 2017
Filmed: Jan. 1, 1978
Larry Moore perfroms orignal song, Metal Mouth
In this Video Artist(s) Dave Vidal
Posted: Feb. 24, 2016 via
Filmed: May. 6, 2015
The Food - Come and Get Your Love
In this Video Artist(s) The FOOD
Posted: Jul. 3, 2016
Criminals (Live)
In this Video Artist(s) The Debonaires
Posted: Jun. 4, 2013
Silk Road Music Duo.m4v
In this Video Artist(s) Silk Road Music
Posted: Aug. 20, 2017
Posted: Apr. 29, 2016
Filmed: Jan. 1, 1984
In this Video Artist(s) Lust Life Jazz Band, Paul Wainwright, Ryan Tandy Resource(s): Lust Life Jazz Band, The Bengal Lounge, Empress Hotel
Posted: Feb. 24, 2015
Qristina & Quinn Bachand - Crooked Jack
In this Video Artist(s) Qristina & Quinn Bachand
Posted: Nov. 20, 2015
CBC Lets Go Show Vancouver Spring 1968
In this Video Artist(s) Brian Newcombe
Posted: Dec. 29, 2015 via
The Motifs at the Crystal Gardens
Posted: Dec. 24, 2015 via
Filmed: Jul. 2, 2004
Thirteen (Big Star cover) on banjo, by Jim O'Neill
In this Video Artist(s) Jim O'Neill
Posted: Apr. 7, 2017
New Set Of Changes - Stonebolt
In this Video Artist(s) Stonebolt
Posted: Nov. 29, 2016
Filmed: Nov. 4, 2014
Three Piece Suite "Live"
In this Video Artist(s) Reid Hudson, Cal Batchelor, Art Horsman
Posted: Oct. 20, 2015 via
Filmed: Jan. 1, 2009
Old Derelicts
In this Video Artist(s) Steve Gunn, Old Derelicts, Chris Stefanidis , Jay Daniel flett Resource(s): Funky Winker Beans
Posted: Sep. 10, 2014
straight lines - letting go.mp4
In this Video Artist(s) David Sinclair , Marc LaFrance
Posted: Jan. 1, 2019
Filmed: Jan. 1, 1981
VPChoir Dixit Dominus - Opening minutes
In this Video Artist(s) Victoria Philharmonic Choir, Peter Butterfield, Anne Grimm, Sarah Fryer, Victoria Chamber Orchestra, VancouverVoices Youth Resource(s): Victoria Philharmonic Choir, St Andrew's Catholic Cathedral, Victoria, BC.
Posted: Jan. 15, 2019