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The Viscounts

The Viscounts

Broken Up - Confirmed: Dec. 7, 2008 (Archived)

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The Viscounts were formed circa 1958 by Terry Coan, Gene Gillott, Steve Bonar, and Earl Davies. The name "Viscounts" is credited to Earl Davies (Guitar). We were a weekend garage band that played rhythm and blues based rock and roll. We played all the local clubs, high schools, and community centres around the lower mainland until 1967.
Terry Coan, December 2002


We were practicing at a small hall (Hendry Hall) in North Vancouver one weekend when a white Caddilac convertable pulled up ouside and one Gene McCormick introduced himself and offered to manage us. It was like something out of a dime store novel. "Small group gets discovered!"
That is when we started to get some real "money jobs" - I think it was $10 each per gig. For a while the whole group lived together so we could practice (and party) without having to leave home.
The Mysterians also had one other novelty: we would turn all the lights off and had a black light (untroviolet) lamp that would be the only source of illumination. There was some element of the robes that would glow but the real reason was to hide the fact that the "second group"
was really the Viscounts.

I still stay in touch with Terry Coan, Bruce Neilson and Steve Bonar. Also had an occasion to talk with Bob Hodgson a while back. I have not played much since the Viscounts except for a couple of "sit ins"...still, there is always that chance of getting together with some of the guys for one last stand.

Gene Gillott, December 2004

Audio Samples

Red Robinson Dance Marathon Les Vogt, Viscounts, Chimes 1962
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Past Members

Vic GoodmurphyDrums1958-1967
Ronnie SmallVocals1958-1967
Jim RickyDrums1958-1967
Hugh ParkinsonSaxophone1958-1967
Bob NelsonGuitar1958-1967
Bruce NeilsenDrums1958-1967
Glen MillerBass / Vocals1958-1967
Gene GillottSaxophone1958-1967
Fred GallantDrums1958-1967
Earl DaviesGuitar1958-1967
Bud CurrieDrums / Vocals1958-1967
Terry CoanKeyboards / Vocals1958-1967
Steve BonarGuitar / Vocals1958-1967
Pat McElgunnBass1958-1967
John McCandlessGuitar / Harp / Vocals1958-1967
Laverne HudymaVocals1958-1967
Bobby HodsonDrums1958-1967
Leonard HansonVocals1958-1967
Howie Vickers Vocals 1958-1967
Status: Broken Up
- Last confirmed Dec. 7, 2008