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Past Shows

Fri. May 11th 2012
Pat's Pub (No Minors)
NOW!, Blacked Out, Underlion, the amazing Hamswalllowers
Fri. April 30th 2010
The House of Rock NOW!, Savannah, My New Enemy, Galgamex
Thu. April 8th 2010
The Biltmore Cabaret (No Minors)
Mongoose, Black Wizard, The Rock Band Called Time, NOW!


head smashed in buffalo jump from Vancouver BC
Unknown - Confirmed: Apr. 25, 2012 (Awaiting Update)

Contact Details

We live in Vancouver now, still keeping some kind of realness. Justin slays bass with us again which has been rad. This bio is a few years old but I'll leave it up for now in case one of you slack jaws out there is about to read it.

Six or Seven years of grinding it out in a moderately successful punk-metal outfit from the nations humble capital will teach you a few things about life and rock n’ roll: American beer is cheaper than water. Disillusion runs thick in this business. Camping is free. The fans really do make it all worth while. Showers are not necessary. Money is to be burnt. And if you show up at a venue that has more urine on the rest room floors than tiles, and more stickers on the walls than free space, it's probably going to be a good gig. And unavoidably, you learn that change will occur.

We must not fear change. An accumulation of influence is embraced. And with music and in life, what was once simple is now complex. A song is created, sometimes in a single evening, yet it lives forever. It should be able to stand alone, and take you on an audio voyage. After all, let's put image, marketing, branding, and industry elitism aside, and be what it is that we always have been - song writers, performers, artists, humans following their chosen paths and loving it.
At some point in fall ’05 we fell in love with that wonderful woman named the road. She’s some kind of lover. We’ve experienced 10 provinces in Canada and 8 of the U.S. states in our ’88 Chevy Beauville, logging thousands of road clicks. We dig the rock, and the rock digs us. However, periodically you are home and you work, sheepishly. You adjust to normality, then enter the madness, and repeat.
Not a lifestyle for the meek, we’ve had our first lineup change with original bassist Justin Jarvo leaving the band in fall ’07 prompting an unexpected performing hiatus. After much deliberation, and 13 auditions, we invited a charming Nova Scotia lad named Peter Zdravko Dimov to slay the bass and join our clan. With the line-up finally solidified once again we’re back on the gig circuit and busy writing, recording demos and preparing to lay down a new album. With a handy $5000 winnings from local radio - LIVE 88.5fm, our next recordings are being healthfully supplemented...! Excellant! As well, we’re putting major focus on getting organized to resume our road wanderings in ’09 because we like to wail, party, travel, experience, create & inspire.

Let’s sum it up. We’ve got 2.5 albums behind us, over 300 shows logged, 12 000 cd’s in circulation, and a strong buzz building on the internet with over 100 000 plays; we have now released our new online sampler “Gnarwhal”, and we’re fully stoked with how it came out. There are so many more songs simmering on the back burner just waiting to be recorded. Additionally, our newest video “Hollywood Horror Show” is really awesome and gnarly and you should tell those swell folks at Much Music to give it a spin. We’ve been saying it for a while, so we can’t stop NOW, there is just NO OTHER WAY. “There’s always a shred of hope. We’ll go on with our lives one day at a time.” –NOW
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Current Lineup

Luke WellandVocals / Guitars2002-present
Sammy WellandGuitars / howls2002-present
Sean LaframboiseDrums / squeels2002-present
Justin Jarvole bass / slurs / driving2002-present

Past Members

Pete Z DimovBass / grunts2008-2010
Status: Unknown
Contact: [email protected] - Last confirmed Apr. 25, 2012