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Confirmed: Nov. 6, 2015 (Awaiting Update)

we are a jam band...anything goes! from Vancouver BC

Contact Details

Jason Dionne

What is this music?

You can call it free play, improvisation, jamming, neurotic, or weird…but whatever you call it you will never again hear these musical pieces played because they are created in the moment. Bringing no pre-conceived plan, these four musicians seek only to offer themselves as servants to each other and to listening for that living, breathing musical moment. The musical movements they create seem to have no beginning and no end but rather flow from, into, and through each other as waves, sometimes following a form, sometimes falling out of form – or, perhaps, free-floating through the formless prelude to yet another full portion of the endless and wondrous riches so freely offered to all who will listen, mixing flavors of rock, prog, jazz, pizzazz and razzmatazz to their recipe of refined rhythms recklessly pulsating through haunting harmonic undertones supporting melodic modal madness…

What are these musicians all about?

eclectic, eccentric, electric, effected, and sometimes a bit left of center, these four brethren of the high order of Muse-ik assemble to offer a collection of live creative constructs, sometimes cerebral, yet often exploding into emotive, musical escapades. Committed to the call of the Invisible Silence, they support each other in the task of ever listening and looking for that moment of artistic abandonment to reveal itself, to infuse, amuse, and even bemuse; they will follow that moment even when it takes them “way out there” where their collective longing connects and communes with the Great Conductor of all music who is all at once melodic & restful, wild & wanton, drawing into the open, the carefree, ever urging all to "Come, follow Me". And so they do. Will you take this journey with them?

What am I doing here?

This is a very good question and shows a quality of attentiveness which Alter values in their audience. Ultimately, this question can only be answered by you, the listener, but Alter would suggest an alternative to just attending as a passive observer/listener…why not up the ante and actively participate? Why not freely show your enjoyment with all sorts of enthusiastic gestures (hand claps, screams, yells, whistles, dances, etc) as Alter develops their musical flow and chemistry in the moment. Why not commune with Alter by offering unique and “in the moment” responses that add spice to their musical recipe…you just might have a refreshing influence on the direction of the music by your interactive gestures. The more energy you give, the more energy goes into the music and the more energy returns to you - and the circle of enjoyment goes around. So here's the key: if you hear something you like, let Alter know right away! You don't have to wait for "the proper time" to respond; "if you feel it, reveal it!" and let the moment complete itself through your response. On the other hand, if you don’t like any of the music you hear then Alter would like to thank you for listening and encourage you to come again...the music can be quite different next time around. Now, if you really don't like the music and would judge harshly and complain loudly, perhaps you could alter your mood by quietly asking yourself the question “What am I doing here?” and perhaps even "Where's the closest exit?"
Sometimes a change in scenery is all we need from time to time!

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Current Lineup

Darren SchoeppDrums, Percussion, Sticks, Stones and broken Bones, raw pieces of meat slapping against cymbals, odd and diverse electronic sounds1995-present
Greg ReidKeyboards, Rants and random bouts of nonsensical Silliness1995-present
Jason Dionnebass, marbles (most entertaining when he loses them), triangle, shaker1995-present
Craig TownsendGuitars, Sampler, Blues Harp, Autoharp, battery operated Dental Utensils, Rivets, small motors, early Science Project items1997-present
Status: Uncertain
keep a close eye on all of your utensils! - Last confirmed Nov. 6, 2015