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New Revelation
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Wed. May 14th 2008
The Cellar (No Minors)
One Eleven Archer, Raggedy Angry, Fire Bug, Italian Edition, The Rev Squad, SAMMI MORELLI
Tue. April 1st 2008
Railway Club (No Minors)
The Rev Squad, Beehive, Connor McGuire
Thu. November 15th 2007
Royal Unicorn Cabaret (No Minors)
FESTIVAL OF GUNS Eastern Influences The Rev Squad, LARME, Reign Free

The Rev Squad

from Vancouver BC
Label: independent
Unknown - Confirmed: Dec. 24, 2010 (Awaiting Update)

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Rev Squad
Explosive harmony. It's quite the oxymoron, and not exactly a common encounter. In the case of THE REV SQUAD, it's a rather direct allusion to their emergence, foundation, and ultimately, their music. Using their hardships and adversities as a source of motivation, the band has rebounded from the verge of permanent separation to seeing a dream materialize: New Revelation.

Rooted in Edmonton, Alberta, the band officially formed in 2000. The mesmerizing and soulful voice of Ella was amplified by Drewz and Jax on the guitars, and they began their career by making their rounds in local coffee shops and doing the occasional wedding. Much like other musicians and artists, their home base was in a basement – Jax’s – and there, they made raw songs but proudly called it their own. In 2005, the band took the leap of faith. While they had decided that they would collectively pursue their music career out on the Canadian West Coast, it wasn’t exactly picking cherries when it came to moving away from family and friends. Jax and Drewz relocated to Vancouver first. Not knowing what was to come, each of them patiently waited. Finally in November of 2006, Ella, determined, makes her move. With all members together again, and a hiatus of almost 2 years, everyone was anxious to get to work, and that they did. They recruited friends Toby on the bass and Petey on the drums, and began the next chapter of their journey as THE REV SQUAD.

After 8 turbulent months - to be clear, turbulent but persevering- THE REV SQUAD released their single “New Revelation” and an EP album of the same name in July 2007. Success didn’t come easy, neither should it be. The group feverishly and constantly tried to build chemistry, both on and off the stage. While they were all best of friends, consensus did not always prevail. Drewz often assumed the role of a mediator when conflicts arose. “We’re all so close with each other, and I think that’s why we do get into these arguments. Ella has a strong character, but so does Jax…and we’re not the kind of people that’ll just candy coat everything and pretend things are okay. We tell each other what’s on our mind. Sometimes it’s pretty intense. We would get together to write our materials for New Revelation, but instead of writing, no one would be talking to each other for what seems like ages. So quite literally, there have been laughs but definitely tears too.”

The hardship they endured during this time thus paved the way for their powerful and inspiring songs, lyrically as well as musically. The album reflects the heart and soul of the band, and connects with fans without pretence. “New Revelation” was written to shed light on the struggles and battles of the daily human life. For Ella, the song is held particularly close to heart. “First thing is, this song can mean something different for everyone, even among the 5 of us. For me, ‘colourful kaleidoscope' represents the many temptations that the world holds. The many things that 'catch' our eye, as innocent as it may seem, can so quickly destroy us. I’m not sure why but we just always try to do everything on our own. Even the world says it…dog eat dog world, or 'survival of the fittest'…and the list just goes on and on. It’s a very self led (me myself and I) world out there and this song represents to me how I have tried to do it on my own but have failed time after time. It’s realizing that you need so much more than yourself to carry on.”

The songs of New Revelation carry endless meanings, but by now it’s obvious the story of the band is significant in its own way. “We just want to show people and our fans that they don’t have to settle with what they’re given. We said we’d come out to Vancouver and do this band thing and we did. I could have stayed in my protective bubble in Edmonton, or went to Seattle to work in front of a computer my whole life, but I didn’t. We just hope our music can inspire our fans to take that extra leap of faith to pursue what it is they really want.”

With an EP album, a music video, and countless concerts – including Stripped, a benefit concert series for Make Poverty History, THE REVS QUAD is in full swing. Led by Ella’s seemingly unlimited source of energy and alluring voice, THE REV SQUAD will continue to strive in their own exceptional way. Unique. Dynamic. Pounding. Explosive.


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New Revelation
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Current Lineup

EllahVocals, Synth2007-present
JacksonGuitar, Vocals, Keys2007-present
PeteyDrums, Vocals2007-present
Status: Unknown
- Last confirmed Dec. 24, 2010