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Gaslamp Killer Bass-Frenzy at Rifflandia [HD]

In 2010 Victoria's fastest growing festival - Rifflandia - introduced The Gaslamp Killer to Victoria (and vice versa) for the first time - and what an experience! Playing to a capacity crowd at Lucky Bar, Gaslamp Killer dropped a huge live set of california-infused bass music along with an array of unreleased gems that had the whole floor bouncing as if on trampolines.

Last month, brother Gaslamp Killer was in an accident on his scooter that could have taken his life - and instead left him with a footlong scar from his belly button to breastplate through which his emergency surgery was conducted. Oh.. and his spleen is gone.

As a tribute to this revered brother-of-bass we've busted this footage from the archives and offer it as an energetic token of our gratitude and blessings.. like a huge long-distance big-healing digital-hug. Get well soon mate.. we look forward to your vibrant and renewed return!

Gaslamp Killer:


In this Video Artist(s) Gaslamp Killer Resource(s): Lucky Bar, Rifflandia Festival

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Edited by: Sunset Labs
Filmed by: Jason Guille

Desert Dwellers Facepaint Timelapse 2012

After an incredible long-night performance at Sunset Room, Amani & Treavor sat for Urbanheart's Kristin Grant whose brush brought out a whole new expression for these musical magicians! The 2 hour paint has been compressed to this wee 6 minute timelapse, so you can get a sense of the process, layers & flow! Enjoy...

The Desert Dwellers:
Dodd's Eye Photography:
Sunset Labs:
In this Video Artist(s) Kristin Grant, DESERT DWELLERS, Dodd's Eye Media Resource(s): Sunset Labs

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Edited by: Sunset Labs
Filmed by: Dodd's Eye Media