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Progressive from Surrey BC
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Broken Up - Confirmed: Apr. 15, 2014 (Archived)

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As bands rise and fall, a hope to create something unique, something different, something that separates them from the world has faded and become disillusioned. Instead of speaking from the heart, speaking about what we truly believe is right, we speak on what the status quo has become and what is accepted. In a western society that has become so full of itself and isn’t even realizing the enormous mistakes that it’s making, we seem to be standing straight on issues that otherwise would be offensive if it wasn’t for the fact that a minority was shouting it.
Disagreement is taken as discrimination; beliefs and morals, bigotry at it’s best. Music, as a form, has turned less into what is important. Messages are never on what human kind should be or what goals we should achieve. We’re stuck in a moment and we can’t get out. Music is our last medium as people who still are holding on to beliefs that are untainted and pure.
_____But even in local music the messages of hope and living accordingly have faded. We would rather copy cat another band instead of strive and push ourselves to create something original. Musicians today have failed to accomplish their goals. Vocalists; their dreams. Artists; their emotions. Hailing from a different era, one that that takes no nonsense and puts away a self-righteous attitude, Gideons Hill is coming on to the scene as a surprising wonder. Driven by the power of melodic progressive music they are beginning to shape a new generations music; where the hope is built into the problem.
_____“When I write," says Isaac the lead singer and guitarist, "I try to talk about things that are so obvious to us (as a general population of western citizens) but have become so oblivious to our faces. We've lost sight of what society and, in essence, what it's like to be a human being."
_____Gideons Hill has left audiences stunned with the fact that amazing music can not only come from such a young source, but from a generation that seems to be copiers of already famous bands. Gideons Hill is not about to compromise on the music they're about to make. This new journey ahead holds many new experiences as they launch themselves into the music industry, head first. Look to the future and watch. Gideons Hill is on the rise. Their message won’t sway. Their One Goal is to bless others with the message they've been given. Iesous Generation.
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Status: Broken Up
- Last confirmed Apr. 15, 2014