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Past Shows

Sat. November 6th 2004
Seylynn Hall (All Ages)
Chalk Outlines, Starless Nights, Anger & After, R.O.S.
Sat. February 7th 2004
Seylynn Hall (All Ages)
Complete, Awaken, Chalk Outlines, Newspeak, Long Way to Nowhere

Chalk Outlines

from Vancouver BC
Broken Up - Confirmed: Oct. 2, 2006 (Archived)

Contact Details
The scene of the crime was the death of guitarist Sean and drummer Cody�s old band, Treatment Room. The lines of chalk traced around talent, experience, and an unbridled love of music. But now something was stopping them. They had no bass, no singer, and just one measly guitar. Recruitment was necessary.
The first recruit was Greg. Greg used to be in Treatment Room and had been friends with Sean and Cody for a while. Sean and Greg wrote a few songs, but nothing could really go anywhere without the low end or a singer. Singers were tried out, but nothing really clicked, and bass players seemed very scarce. Just when the band was about to give in and let Sean sing again (cringe), Ryan spoke up. Ryan has played in several bands before, most notably Mr. Solid (who just so happen to be the guys that recorded Treatment Room�s record a while back). It is well known that Ryan is an awesome singer, but the challenge would be to fit practice and songwriting into his busy schedule. Almost all the pieces were in place, except a bass player. But when you think about it, they�re not really that important anyway. Eventually this guy named Matt was brought in. He plays bass in a band called R.O.S. Combining the talents and the different musical tastes the band possessed, the members began writing songs that were truly different and original. Although the music does not fit comfortably in any specific genre, it has been labeled as screamo and heavy punk by many.
So the band was forged. A few months were spent putting together an incredibly tight set to be debuted at Seylynn Hall in North Vancouver. When that time came, these boys put on an awesome show, wowing a crowd of peers with driving guitar riffs, excellent song structures, catchy choruses, and a stage presence that anyone can get into and that everyone will remember.
With a debut EP in the works for a late March release, several big shows on the horizon, and huge response from fans, don�t expect Chalk Outlines not to make an impact in the Vancouver scene.
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Last Lineup

Cody Beerdrums
Status: Broken Up
- Last confirmed Oct. 2, 2006