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Sat. May 5th 2007
The Former Cobalt (No Minors)
Severed Serenity, War Amp , Apocalypta, SLOTH
Sat. February 3rd 2007
The Former Cobalt (No Minors)
A NIGHT OF METAL luciferian conquest, Grotesquetory, Apocalypta, ANAL IMPALEMENT
Sat. December 23rd 2006
The Former Cobalt (No Minors)
Mastic, Evilosity, Apocalypta
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Unknown - Confirmed: Mar. 20, 2007 (Awaiting Update)

Epic Melodic Thrash Metal from Courtenay BC

Contact Details


The long process of Apocalypta ultimately started with two friends, having met in prior bands: Isaac Symonds and Ray Hawes. Neither of them were new to the music scene, but never realy took controle of what they wanted to create. They shared two thing: A common love for music, and the yearning for a project of their own. After growing a sound quite fast, they enlisted in the help of a drummer and long time friend of Isaacs, Matt Windsor. They got together and instantly clicked. They jammed out music ranging from "Hardcore" to deathmetal and indie. The sound quickly changed to a more, dare we say, "metal" sound, this birthing the roots of Apocalypta.

At this time the group was known as "Adeeme", and despite a jam space roughly the size of two of three bathroom stalls, the music consumed them. They enlisted in the help of a second guitar player, to no avail. They searched and searched, but never really felt that cliche "spark". This was all too true, until Isaac enlisted in the help of another friend, following under the name Max St. Pierre.

They moved locations from Matts desolate cell-of-a-practice-space, into Maxs garage, and even as slight a difference you may think it made, but with the accoustics of a larger area, the trio were able to work on their general sound. But with a lack of practices, ammounting in a lack progress, a change had to be made, and it's with our great sadness to inform you that Matt had to part with the band. A replacement was quite quickly found due to the spreading word of the bands existance. Andrew Shortridge was set to come down and a have a jam. But before the practice was even up, Max, Ray, and Isaac knew that this was exactly what the band currently known "Adeeme" needed.

The band continued to advance their talents, finally playing small shows around the Comox Valley. But as the name Adeeme was only ment to be a temperary title, a name change was in order, before their first shows. While writing the lyrics to the near-forgoten self-titled track, Ray came up with the name "Apocalypta" and the story behind it. Though the story soon died and the constrictions of an epic, story group proved to be too much. (Before you jump to any conclusions, I, Ray Hawes, still swear I did not know of "Apocalyptica" when I created and pitched the name. A new name is in the works, you're complaints/suggestions have not gone unoticed.) But aside from that, the word of "Apocalypta" had spread, and the music had change greatly.

With spring break quickly aproching, the now metal quartet leaped on the week long break from their schoolwork. In the week following, they recorded their first demo. It was soon decided that demo would be known as "Your Time Has Come". It was released the following week with greater sales then expected. The band lay slightly dormant for a short period after this, but within the few tmes they got together, they enlisted in the help of a third guitarist. Quite a bit quicker then they had ever expected, they found Cale Savy, a guitarist eager to see what he could bring the the group. Slightly following Halloween, the band spread their name from Duncan to Campbell river, and their popularity spread beyond the boarders of their small community.

Not a terrible amount is to be said about the following months, rather then the regular ups and downs all bands face. Through thick and thin, the group temperarily known as "Apocalypta" hopes to live on and spread their music throughout the world. New material is being written as you read this, and the growth of the group continues ever on. The release of a full length album is being planned, and small tours being dreamt up. Keep up the much apreciated support and keep checking up on this page. New sogns will be poste as they are recorded, and re-recorded, as well as the link to the new page for our new name, when ever that may be.

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Current Lineup

Andrew S.drums2004-present
Ray H.Bass / Vocals2004-present
Cale S.Lead / Rythm Guitar / Vocals2004-present
Max St. P.Lead / Rythm Guitar2004-present
Isaac S.Lead Guitar / Vocals2004-present
Ray Hawesbass / vocals2004-present
Max St. Pierreguitar2004-present
Cale SavyLead / Rythm Guitar / Vocals2004-present

Past Members

Matt Windsordrums2004-200
Status: Unknown
- Last confirmed Mar. 20, 2007