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Saturday Sep. 14th 2019

Lucid AfterLife, Aggregate (USA), with special guests @  The Avant-Garden (All Ages) By RSVP
8:30 - 11:30 doors at 7:30
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Thursday May. 2nd 2019

The WYRDING WAY, Lucid AfterLife, HEOFON, WOLFBROOD, Momy FortunaRickshaw Theatre (No Minors)
Tickets at: Rickshaw Theatre, Red Cat Records
7:30 doors at 7 Presented by: I.M.U. Productions
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Saturday Sep. 15th 2018

Lucid AfterLifeVictory Square Stage Gastown (All Ages) Free 3pm doors at 3pm
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Saturday Dec. 2nd 2017

Earthquake relief concert: Lucid AfterLife, Outrun the Voices, The 80th Action, LAMBSBREATHSeven Dining Lounge (All Ages) By Donation 8 doors at 7
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Thursday Jun. 29th 2017

Corky Laing plays Mountain, Catapult, Lucid AfterLifeThe Red Room (No Minors)
7pm - 12am Presented by: The Invisible Orange
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Saturday Mar. 11th 2017

Omnisight, SQUAREWAVE, Lucid AfterLife, My Mother The CarjackerThe Astoria (No Minors)
9:00pm doors at 9
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Friday Jan. 27th 2017

Lucid AfterLife, Under the Mountain, Blessed With A Curse, GhuloSeven Dining Lounge Burnaby BC (All Ages) 8 doors at 7
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Saturday Oct. 15th 2016

THE SUNNYVALE LIQUOR TOUR ~: DOUG CRAWFORD, KNUCKLEHEAD [TYRONE FROM TRAILER PARK BOYS], RUDE DOWG, Lucid AfterLife, Calm Like A Bomb, Illvis FreshlyFunky Winker Beans (No Minors) $15-$20
15 BUX / 20 DOOR
9PM SHARP - 1ish doors at 8:00 PM Presented by: RED BEARD ENTERTAINMENT
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Saturday Aug. 27th 2016

HIP HOP FOR ALL STAR YOUTH SPORTS CAR SHOW AND BBQ: Snak The Ripper, Dead Alive , MERKULES, PRADA WEST, CROOKED I, Lucid AfterLife, Mugg Shott, Blue Team Blue @  sullivan hall 6306 152nd st Surrey BC (All Ages) $30
$30.00 PLUS S/C
130pm - 9pm doors at 1pm Presented by: That's Entertaining Promotions, Where it's at entertainment , FOREVER 132 ENTERTAINMENT
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Friday Jul. 15th 2016

Free Concert: Lucid AfterLife, LukiferoSeven Dining Lounge (All Ages) Free 8:15 - 10:45 doors at 8
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Wednesday Jun. 15th 2016

Ill Nino, Bobaflex, Terror Universal, Lucid AfterLifeRickshaw Theatre (No Minors) $27
Tickets at:, Red Cat Records, Zulu Records, Evergreen Cannabis Society
7:00 Presented by: The Invisible Orange
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Friday Oct. 16th 2015

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Saturday Aug. 29th 2015

Cancelled SHOTGUN GRAND OPENING: Lucid AfterLife, The Toxiks, Motorama, Diamond Spyder @  Shotgun - 560 Seymour st (No Minors) $5 at the door only. 10pm - 3am doors at 9pm
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Friday Jul. 17th 2015

LUCID AFTER LIFE ALBUM RELEASE: Lucid AfterLife, Elysium Echoes, Shotgun , Soul Carver, Critical Junction, Bone State RebellionRickshaw Theatre (No Minors) $15
Tickets at:, Scrape Records, Highlife Records, Zulu Records
8 - 12 doors at 7 Presented by: That's Entertaining Promotions
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Monday Apr. 20th 2015

4/20 RALLY FREE SHOW!: Lucid AfterLifeVancouver Art Gallery (All Ages) Free 6 - 8 doors at 12
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Thursday Mar. 26th 2015

Lucid AfterLife, Contrasound, Within Rust, SHOTGUN FOR ATOLMENT, & MoreThe Hindenburg (No Minors) $15
Tickets at: Scrape Records, Zulu Records, Highlife Records,, From the talent
8:10 doors at 8 Presented by: ALL 7 Entertainment
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Saturday Feb. 28th 2015

AUDIO GEOMETRY: Moka Only, Lucid AfterLife, Wes Regan, LukiferoFox Theatre (No Minors) $20
Tickets at: Banyen Books
7:30 - 10:30 doors at 7:00 Presented by: THE LODGE OF EDUCATION AND RESEARCH
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Saturday Feb. 21st 2015

ALL AGES ROCK PARTY ft: Lucid AfterLife, Chilled Clarity , Strip, One Left Alive, Lungflower, One And The Same @  Olympia Pizza, Surrey Surrey BC (All Ages) $10 8pm - 12am doors at 7:30 Presented by: Where it's at entertainment
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Saturday Jan. 17th 2015

Lucid AfterLife (Single Release) w/ Guests TBA: Lucid AfterLife, Critical Junction (support), Just Off The Grid (support)Fortune Sound Club (No Minors) $10
Tickets at:
8:10 - 10:30 doors at 8 Presented by: Fortune Sound Club
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Saturday Dec. 13th 2014

ROCK YO SOCKS OFF BENEFIT CONCERT: Lucid AfterLife, Rampage, Not A Chew ToyThe Waldorf (No Minors) Free 8pm - 2am doors at 7:30 Presented by: ALL 7 Entertainment, The Waldorf
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Friday Oct. 17th 2014

LUCID AFTERLIFE: Lucid AfterLife, Chilled Clarity , Contrasound, Elysium Echoes, MERIDIUSRickshaw Theatre (No Minors) $12-$18 7:30 - 1AM doors at 7PM Presented by: ALL 7
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Saturday Aug. 23rd 2014

ROCK THE DOCK MUSIC FESTIVAL: Lucid AfterLife, Little India, AUTOKRAT, Bridges to Royal, dead city scandal, Attikus, JUVI DIZZLE , Chilled Clarity , MOUTHFULL OF DAISY, The Harvest, No Operator, JUST OF THE GRID, Liars and Lions, Within Rust, GIULIANO, 33 KIDS, HUNTER BENTLE, A HUNDRED YEARS, Baby c, B MENDEZ & DONNIE CHOPPER, MERIDIUS, much moreThe Waldorf (All Ages) $20-$30
Pre sale $20 All ages $25 Beer Garden- Door $25 All ages $30 Beer garden
Tickets at: Scrape Records, Highlife Records, Beatstreet Records,, From the talent
1pm - 11pm doors at 12:45 (Multiple Dates) Presented by: ALL 7
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Sunday Jun. 22nd 2014

Lucid AfterLife Homecoming: Lucid AfterLife, Contrasound, Eysium Echoes, SpectrelightElectric Owl (No Minors) $10-$15
$10 pre sale $15 door
Tickets at: Scrape Records,, From the talent
9pm - 1am doors at 8pm Presented by: Nat Jack
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Thursday Mar. 27th 2014

MOKA ONLY Brings It Home To Van City!: Moka Only, Giuliano & DJ 1-UP, Lucid AfterLife, 33 KIDS, BC Trees, SHEA CARTER, C.C.T., Def Desciples, B MENDEZFortune Sound Club (No Minors) $15-$20
Tickets at: Red Cat Records, Zulu Records, Beatstreet Records, Highlife Records, Scrape Records
7:00 - 1 am doors at 7 Presented by: Money Tree Music
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Thursday Mar. 20th 2014

Lucid AfterLife Meltdown Tour Kick Off: Lucid AfterLife, Contrasound, The Harvest, Lungflower, Elysium EchoesJoe's Apartment (No Minors) $10 8:30 - 1pm doors at 8pm
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Saturday Feb. 1st 2014

FREE BEER!! FREE COVER!! REGISTER AT WWW.LUCIDAFTERLIFE.COM: Lucid AfterLife, The B.C. Trees, Jack Of Diamonds, The CrowbotsFairview Pub (No Minors) $10
Tickets at:
10pm - 2am doors at 9pm Presented by: Money Tree Music
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Friday Jan. 3rd 2014

First Friday, Do It Right!: The Harvest, Lucid AfterLife, Jess Cullen, BC Trees, Blackstock, Ages2020, 1 For The Losing TeamVancouver FanClub (No Minors) $10
Tickets at:,, at the door
8pm - 2am doors at 7pm
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Saturday Dec. 28th 2013

Lucid AfterLife Year End Rock Ritual: Lucid AfterLife, Lost Boy Found, Critical Junction, TerryFairview Pub (No Minors) $10
Tickets at:
10pm - 2am doors at 9pm Presented by:
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