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Thursday Aug. 17th 2006

12 Year Old Girl, Jaded Jinas, Betty KrackerThe Lamplighter (No Minors) $6
at the door only.
10 - ? doors at 9PM Presented by: Grrrabbit Productions
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Wednesday Aug. 2nd 2006

WAKE FOR EDDY ANARCHY: The Joint Chiefs, Mr. Plow, Cadaver Dogs, Blackie LeBlanc, Dirty & The Derelicts, Jaded Jinas, The SlickjacksThe Former Cobalt (No Minors) $5
5PM - 1AM doors at 5 PM Presented by: NO BOLLOCKS EVENTS
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Friday Jul. 14th 2006

Jaded Jinas, Mechanical Separation, UNIT 21, CHAOTIC ALLIANCE, CambodiaThe Former Cobalt (No Minors) Presented by: Smash the Sausage Festival
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Friday Apr. 21st 2006

The Joint Chiefs, The Neo Nasties, T_B_A, Jaded Jinas, Leper, The Likely Rads, HOT KARL, and two more! @  Monkey Pit (All Ages) $5 7pm - whenever doors at 6pm Presented by: ODcollective
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Friday Apr. 7th 2006

CHRIS WALTER BOOK RELEASE FOR ‘LANGSIDE’: The Neo Nasties, The Draft, Jaded Jinas, SKUMBAGZThe Astoria (No Minors) Presented by: NO BOLLOCKS EVENTS
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Wednesday Mar. 22nd 2006

Jaded Jinas, Hurricane Kitty, the POGs, the caseThe Pic Pub (No Minors) $7
at the door only.
9pm - 1am doors at 8pm Presented by: Magnetized Productions
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Saturday Mar. 11th 2006

DUSK TILL DAWN MASSACRE: Dayglo Abortions, Death Sentence, Cum Soc, Lummox, life against death, Jaded Jinas, Eastside Death Squad @  Call # for info (All Ages) $10 10pm - ?am
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Friday Feb. 17th 2006

Ham Wailin', ONSLAUGHT - Vancouver, Jaded Jinas @  Monkey Pit (All Ages) 10:30pm
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Friday Jan. 6th 2006

Saturday Nov. 12th 2005

Saturday Oct. 29th 2005

Duvallstar, Victorian Pork, Betty Kracker, Jaded JinasPub 340 (No Minors) Presented by: Girls with Guns
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Friday Sep. 9th 2005

SMASH THE SAUSAGE FEST: THE MARKS, BRENNA, The Draft, Jaded Jinas, MARGARET THRASHERThe Astoria (No Minors) Presented by: NO BOLLOCKS EVENTS, Smash the Sausage Festival
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Thursday Jul. 21st 2005

Jaded Jinas, The Likely Rads, The Chattering ClassThe Candy Bar and Grill (No Minors)
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Saturday Jul. 9th 2005

The Rebel Spell, Dirty & The Derelicts, Jaded Jinas, Some Won Spit, Hectic @  Endoplasmic Entertainment Langley BC (All Ages) $7
7:00 - 11:00
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Thursday Jul. 7th 2005

Saturday Jun. 4th 2005

Friday Jun. 3rd 2005

Dirty & The Derelicts, Jaded Jinas, Rhymes With ReginaThe Astoria (No Minors) $5
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Saturday May. 28th 2005

Friday May. 27th 2005

Dirty & The Derelicts, Jaded Jinas, Waking EyesThe Cambie Nanaimo Nanaimo BC (No Minors) $00-$7 9:30 - 12:30
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Waking Eyes, Dirty & The Derelicts, Jaded JinasThe Cambie Nanaimo Nanaimo BC (No Minors) $7
10pm - 1am Presented by: Got Pop? Productions
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Saturday May. 14th 2005

Wednesday Aug. 20th 2003

Sanné Lambert, Jaded Jinas, Far From OverThe Former Cobalt (No Minors)
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