Vancouver's Community-Driven Concert Calendar

Past Shows for Bill Batt

This includes solo shows (as Bill Batt) and shows with the following projects: Stamina Mammoth, stamina moth, stamina maggot, stamina mantis, stamina mandroid, racketball, aerosol constellations, theinternet! - Vancouver, theinternet! - Vancouver, bury me in eden, Potus, and.or, racketball
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Saturday Oct. 18th 2014

BOG, life against death, aerosol constellations, Heron, Night Mother, King CoyoteThe Astoria (No Minors) $10 at the door only. 10 doors at 9 Presented by: Art Signified
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Monday Sep. 30th 2013

FROM GERMANY!!: JEALOUSY MOUNTAIN DUO, aerosol constellations, ZYGOSITYTalk's Cheap Records Victoria BC (All Ages) $10 830pm - 11pm doors at 8pm Presented by: CAVITY Curiosity Shop
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Friday Apr. 12th 2013

Waters, SECRET PYRAMID, aerosol constellationsRemington Gallery & Studio (All Ages) $7
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Wednesday Jan. 16th 2013

WHITELIGHT WEDNESDAYS @ THE ASTORIA: aerosol constellations, william young , Holzkopf (+), Botfly, Colonizer The Astoria (No Minors) $5 8:30pm - 1am doors at 8:30pm
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Thursday May. 24th 2012

White Suns, yellowthief, stamina mantiszoo shop (All Ages)
way cheeeap
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Friday Mar. 23rd 2012

stamina mantis, pizza sub, ReverterPat's Pub (No Minors) $5
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Friday Feb. 24th 2012

Mattress, stamina mantis, Kellarissazoo shop (All Ages) 9PM
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Monday Oct. 24th 2011

Shearing Pinx , MTNS, stamina mantisTBA (All Ages)
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Sunday Sep. 18th 2011

BLACKLIGHT, Night Mirrors, The Match wave, aerosol constellationsThe Astoria (No Minors) 9:00
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Friday Jun. 24th 2011

Shearing Pinx , stamina mantis @  hastings by columbia (All Ages) $10
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Tuesday May. 24th 2011

stamina mantis, Phone Calls, GAK, Velvet FistThe Biltmore Cabaret (No Minors) $5
$5 at the door
9:00 pm - 1:00 am Presented by: Beatroute Magazine, CiTR 101.9 FM Radio
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Tuesday Mar. 8th 2011

stamina mantis, Haunted Beard, Whip of the U.F.O.The Astoria (No Minors) 9:30
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Friday Nov. 12th 2010

aerosol constellations, Fieldhead, connect_icutBlim (All Ages) $10 8:00PM Presented by: CSAF Records
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Saturday Nov. 6th 2010

AHNA, stamina mantis, Old Fuck, Obacha, SIX BREW BANTHA @  Chateau Noir (All Ages)
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Sunday Oct. 24th 2010

Whip of the U.F.O., Seizure Salad, stamina mantisThe Astoria (No Minors) $5
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Wednesday Aug. 4th 2010

aerosol constellations, Terror Bird (Nikki Nevver) , RDC, LOWERTHANSATANThe Astoria (No Minors) Presented by: fake jazz wednesdays
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Friday Apr. 30th 2010

stamina mantis, Mattress, FortressRoy G Biv (All Ages)
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Saturday Apr. 24th 2010

20+ bands ALL AGES -12 hour show: Half Chinese, collapsing opposites, the kidnap kids, Like Animals Again, THE BRITISH COLUMBIANS , stamina mantis, and more see details @  Grave Level 385 East 40th Ave. (house by graveyard) (All Ages) By Donation
by donation
11:45 am - midnite
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Wednesday Apr. 21st 2010

this gig will give me the HIVES: Plus Perfect, THE FALKLANDS, stamina mantisRailway Club (No Minors) $8
9:00 - 12:30 doors at 8:00 Presented by: Three Chord Rebel Productions
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Monday Apr. 12th 2010

stamina mantis, Young Tounges, yellowthief, Spacewaster, Young Kelly, Anju , bridgetteThe Lick Club (No Minors) Presented by: FJW
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Wednesday Mar. 3rd 2010

Shearing Pinx , AHNA, stamina mantis, yellowthief @  The Lick Club (No Minors) $5 10 - 1 doors at 9 Presented by: fake jazz wednesdays
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Tuesday Feb. 2nd 2010

Pompoir , AHNA, stamina mantisRoy G Biv (All Ages)
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Friday Jan. 15th 2010

Quiet City: aerosol constellations, coin gutter, scant intone , 833-45Blim (All Ages) $8-$10 8:30 PM - 11:00 PM doors at 8:00 PM Presented by: Panospria, Soundscape
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Sorcerers, aerosol constellations, Bleeder, BasketballThe Red Gate (All Ages) $10-$15
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Friday Nov. 20th 2009

Twin Crystals, stamina mantis, AHNA, Shearing Pinx zoo shop (All Ages)
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Thursday Oct. 15th 2009

shipyards, stamina mantis, frozen stake, Burrow OwlHoney Lounge (No Minors) $5
10:00 - 1:00 doors at 9:00 Presented by: Honey Lung
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Sunday Sep. 6th 2009

Glaciers, Babe Rainbow, aerosol constellations, spectrum interview, DiademCrab Park @ Portside (All Ages) Free
12:00 - 3PM Presented by: SAFARI!
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Saturday Aug. 15th 2009

Shearing Pinx , stamina mantis, Haunted Beard, ALL THE DAYSRickshaw Theatre (No Minors) $7 9
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Thursday Aug. 6th 2009

Sigmund , Anha, stamina mantis, Hulk Von CoganHoney Lounge (No Minors) $5
5 Dollars
10:00 - 1:00 doors at 9:00 Presented by: Honey Lung
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Thursday Jul. 30th 2009

Phonecalls / Peace tour fundraiser featuring: War Baby, PEACE, Phone Calls, Modern Creatures, stamina mantis, Katastroyka, N.213, World ClubRickshaw Theatre (No Minors) $5 Presented by: Safe Amplification Site Society
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Friday Jul. 24th 2009

stamina mantis, PAYDAY MILLIONAIRE, Air Castle, Sajia SultanaHoko Karaoke Bar (All Ages) Presented by: Phantom Islands
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Thursday Jul. 23rd 2009

stamina mantis, Nihilist partyHoney Lounge (All Ages)
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Wednesday Jul. 8th 2009

Shearing Pinx , stamina mantis, frozen stake, spk cool punk kids, filip goreckiThe Former Cobalt (No Minors) $5 10pm - 1am doors at 9pm Presented by: fake jazz wednesdays
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Saturday Jul. 4th 2009

shipyards, Sharp Ends, stamina mantis, Endangered Ape , World ClubRickshaw Theatre (All Ages) Presented by: Safe Amplification Site Society
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Wednesday Jun. 17th 2009

aerosol constellations, Yagin, Anju , Manta RaygunThe Former Cobalt (No Minors) 10
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Wednesday Jun. 10th 2009

Sex Negatives, Totally Ripped, theinternet! - Vancouver, shipyards, AHNA, ejaculation death rattle, Boogie Monster, yellowthiefThe Former Cobalt (No Minors) Presented by: Music Waste
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Thursday May. 28th 2009

Thursday Apr. 23rd 2009

stamina mantis, Pompoir , MatteressHoney Lounge (All Ages)
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Friday Mar. 13th 2009

stamina mantis, Air Castle, shipyards, GeographingLittle Mountain Studios (All Ages)
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Saturday Mar. 7th 2009

Rough Noble, yellowthief, stamina mantis, ROBE AND ALLIED1067 (All Ages) 10ish
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