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Erin Bishop
604 809 3746

As members of various school and community choirs in our pre-Aliqua days, each of us experienced the same thing � concerts filled with music that was nice enough with the odd great piece thrown in. The odd piece that we loved, the piece that we eagerly anticipated in the slower moments of our concert programs, and the piece that audiences simply went crazy over. It was music such as this that ignited within each of us the desire for more. More music, more great music, more often. We each became aware that singing and performing is simply in our blood, and through this common passion we fond each other. Slowly, piece by piece, we began building a program of music we love to sing so that every song we perform song is the type of song that made us love singing in the first place � and we are continually adding more. While our music is both challenging and exciting, it�s true worth is seen every time we perform and an audience member who had never considered that they might like choral music is left completely astounded. To show people from all walks of life that �choral music� does not mean �slow and painful death by boredom� is fulfilling, quite gratifying, and a hell of a lot of fun.
People often ask, �What do you sing?� and are constantly met with silence as we search for the words to accurately answer. From a South Mexican huapango to a Lappish yoik, from a Balinese Monkey Chant to an Eighties pop classic, the music we select tends to defy categorization. The reason we have such varied tastes in music is because the nine of us that are Aliqua are all quite varied in personality. With no conductor, each member is a crucial piece of the whole. That, in fact, is what Aliqua means � a part of a bigger whole �a perfect name as it is the diversity of all the individuals combined that make the choir unique.
We gravitate towards music that is spirited, energetic and unique, drawn from cultures around the globe in the hopes of offering our audience something new and unexpected. A term once used to describe what we do was �Alt-Vox� (or alternative voice) which is the closest anyone has ever come to defining our style. That is the essence of Aliqua, all styles in one � a choir with something for everyone.

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