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Faint Memory
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Alternative from Vancouver BC
Label: unsigned
Broken Up - Confirmed: Aug. 15, 2010 (Archived)

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Yael Akron

Usually it is thought, that when distinctly opposite musical and cultural personas try and collaborate their essentials, it leads to a confusing collision.
Align, is forever trying to prove that theory wrong.
This collision, as the subject in matter, involves colliders Yael Akron (a former veteran sax player, influenced by jazz/classic musical approaches), Tal Vaisman (originally a headbanger/punk type guitar distortionist with a dash of wit) and Maayan (Banana) Henik (power beater, born and bread listening to his father’s rock/jazz/avant-garde music).

It began as Tal met Yael when he was just 17, and started playing acoustic gigs with her as a duo, leading to the creation of their mutual musical and melodic language, even though Yael never sang too much before, and Tal never had a “quite music” cd in his house, besides Yael’s demo of her songs.
Things moved along, more songs were written, and it became clear that a more biting sound is in need, hence they decided to form Manga, which was a fully electric Hebrew rock band, playing music influenced by genres such as grunge, metal, punk rock, and a variety of electronic musical styles.
Their sound was a unique brew of heavy distorted moments where an entirely heavy playback is gracefully led by a soft melodic vocal presentation, with a grungy tinge.
After a two and half years of constant gigs throughout the country, Manga was gaining quite a fanbase of Israeli rock enthusiasts, recording a full length indie Hebrew album, with a number of videos that followed.

Around late 2008, it was decided to recruit Banana’s battery services into the band (a no brainer decision for Tal and Yael who knew Banana, as Tal played with him in metal projects), which further expanded the band’s sonic possibilities.

After a great deal of thought, in 2009 Manga had decided to become Align, leaving the Hebrew language in the past, and wrote new materials, which were released in their 2009 self titled EP/ demo.
Align’s future plans are to record a full length debut album, as well as to tour the U.S.

Audio Samples

Faint Memory
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Last Lineup

Yael AkronSinger2006-The End
Tal VaismanGuitarist2006-The End
Maayan (Banana) HenikDrums2006-The End
Daniel McCormackBass2009-The End
Status: Broken Up
- Last confirmed Aug. 15, 2010